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Summer 2018 Cream Magazine Photoshoot

Posted on August 19 2018

What a beautiful day to blog about achievements, conquering fears and setting goals (well, and achieving them), yes, we do that, being a boss is in our DNA. In our previous blog about the magazine feature with The Cream Magazine, by Camil Reign Media held a photoshoot session with some really talented professionals. I must say that they are one of the best people to work with in Atlanta. The work environment was conducive, and we created magic!

A lot of magical things happen when you blessed to work with people that have your best interest at heart. In the process of building our luxury activewear brand, being featured in a fashion and lifestyle magazine wasn't in the agenda, it was, but not so fast; but as time went by, our active wears became noticed by different brands wanting to collaborate with us, advertising agencies reaching out to us to promote us and a lot me. Our luxury activewear brand was being engaged with entirely. So, we got on set, the models were selected, and a very talented photographer was called on set too. We made magic together. Thank you, guys!

We didn't make beauty with our fashion collection alone, we just couldn't have, we were in the company of other professionals. There were photographers, creative directors, makeup artists, hairstylists, the models (people tend to overlook them a lot, but they are very vital pieces to your photoshoots), and managers. We had:

The photographer that designed the and shot for the cover page of the magazine is Ramon Talor, the model that graced the cover page is the beautiful Keenyah Hill. All wear styled by @Styledbystylez, the hair game being on fleek by the talented Atlanta Buckhead hairstylist, She_quita. No one makes you more beautiful and confident in your looks better than make-up artists, Jai Faces and Laamajthegod. It was all beautifully captured by Vizualk K Jordan.

Beauty, they say is gold, with our timeless and luxury activewear collection, we have most definitely made gold. Check out our shop to flood your wardrobe with a collection that complements your individuality.

Also, check out the models, stylists, photographers and makeup social media pages. @Athea Gold  @_prettiiinink @_prettycookie_ @_theprincessleah @camilreignmedia

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