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Fashion for Brunch Show

Posted on August 19 2018

Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder; that, however, wasn’t the case with the just concluded Fashion for Brunch Fashion Show, as designers came out in style and featured their designs and yours truly, yes us, came out in grand style. We would say that we are the beholders of our wears, however, we got cheers,wows and jaw drops which made the aforementioned saying not true – everyone saw beauty in our designs. The fashion show hosted by the celebrity T.V. personality, Ayana Fite, featuring Keenyah Hill as a celebrity guest.
Starting with a whimsical ambience for the red carpet at 1 p.m., assured all attendees the superb designs that await the gaze of their prying eyes. The event – an incredible display of colors and designs that were synonymous with class, style and chic even with our endless luxury collection held on the 14th of July allowed our brand see the beauty of meeting people in your niche and networking while learning new things. The CamilReign Media Group covered the event; it was amazing.
Earlier that day, the tickets were all sold out, and people waited at the gate to buy theirs. The runway was a spectacle to behold as models, all walked the runway with their curves and complementing the wears that adorned their bodies.
Hairstyling was handled by SheQuita, and the makeup by Rejai H Gwinnett, with the styling done Styled by Stylez. The collaboration was beautiful, we appreciate that we were called to be a part of the show to showcase our designs, and of course, there was brunch.
The fashion industry is fast changing as it is also an isolating industry, so let’s network more. It is always great to see passion, creativity, beauty; all on one stage.

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