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Posted on August 19 2018

Building an activewear fashion brand that will resonate with the style of independent and classy ladies has always been a great goal for me. For the past month, our team has been working really hard in efforts to make our luxury active wears be the "next best thing" in the teeming population of the fashion industry. Little wonder, our underground work was noticed, and we were called to feature in a magazine (I will make sure to have a post about that). The Cream Magazine and it featured the celebrity model, Keenyah Hill and it was great for networking, as we met a bunch of people in our niché --- it was amazing. The photoshoot was grand. The models, highly professional. I will definitely be making a post about it. They glowed with perfection, and our wears were beautifully "worked" in its glory.

So in that stead, we are in the spirit, get your fingers ready, and yes, fingers crossed! Of love and want to give back to you all. The love we have been shown so far has been beautiful, mind-blowing, to say the least. As a luxury activewear brand that cares about you, we launched a giveaway you can check here, so that we can give back. It is quite simple to enter it. Who is it for? Here's a wild guess... Do you do yoga? Are you on a fitness journey? Are you a fitness instructor?
Or an independent, free-spirited last that loves the feel of being embraced by comfortable luxury pieces, then this is for you!

Here are the rules to participate and win:

1. Follow our I.G. page
2. Subscribe to our mailing list (there are many reasons to, we have awesome discounts)
3. Post a video or picture of you working out
4. Tell your friends to follow us and like your post when we repost it on our page.

It is worth it to invest your time and money in the beautiful things of life that make you happy. At Velvet Rose activewear, we make you feel classy, sexy and comfortable while rocking our wears. On that note, till another blog post, KEEP BEING AWESOME!

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